Monday, April 28, 2008

OBE Sex, Chakras And Orgasms!

I've been trying an experiment this last week - and I must say - it's worked out just peachy:) If you have ever read this blog before, you'll know that I prefer telepathic sex over astral or dream sex -- just because it is easier to remember what has happened. And besides - feeling the orgasm in the physical body is just great:)

Okay - so what have I been doing? Experimenting with my chakra's - the sacral chakra & throat chakra. The sacral chakra is located two inches below your belly button and two inches into the pelvis. The qualities that this chakra embraces are your well-being, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and abundance. The throat chakra is located at the base of your throat (both internal and external) in the soft spot where it reaches the collar bone. The qualities that this chakra embraces are your will, communication, creativity, truthfulness and integrity.

You open up and activate both chakra's prior to OBE sex (telepathic sex especially) and it enhances an already orgasmic experience.

Here's some basic chakra steps to take before you begin an OBE sex experience:

1. Imagine a large orange pyramid over your lower abdomen.

2. Have the pyramid rotate and move it into your abdomen.

3. As the pyramid enters your abdomen (and sacral chakra) imagine an orange circle on your abdomen. As the pyramid spins, the orange circle grows.

4. As the orange circle grows - imagine the black gunk (negative emotions, attachments, beliefs, etc..) exiting the orange circle and floating off.

5. Do this until the orange circle and orange pyramid are the same size -- and the orange circle is a vibrant orange.

6. Move on to your throat. Here imagine a turquoise blue, inverted pyramid over your throat.

7. Have the pyramid rotate and move it into your throat.

8. As the pyramid enters your throat (and throat chakra) imagine an turquoise blue circle on your throat. As the pyramid spins, the turquoise blue circle grows.

9. As the turquoise blue circle grows - imagine the black gunk (negative emotions, attachments, beliefs, etc..) exiting the turquoise blue circle and floating off.

10. Do this until the turquoise blue circle and turquoise blue pyramid are the same size -- and the turquoise blue circle is a vibrant turquoise blue.

Now connect telepathically or via astral or dream. The energy is really explosive.

Give it a try and notice the difference in the OBE sex!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie ;)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Telepathic Sex - Foreplay Is Fun!

Telepathic sex is a wondrous thing. Out of all of the OBE sex methods, this is still my favorite. Especially when it comes to OBE foreplay. Since I was so busy last week to enjoy any OBE sex - and Will must of been too as he didn't try anything - I decided to be the aggressor here and tease him as much as I could telepathically. Of course - anything that turns him on - turns me on because of our natural connection. But regardless, I wanted to remind him of my presence:)

When I reached out and connected to Will, he was sitting at a desk or table - looking over some papers. He said - now don't let me lose my place. LOL.

I kissed the left side of his neck, up to the back of his neck and down to the right - this lasted about 30 seconds. He cleared his throat a few times and shifted in his chair. I head him say -- Allie. His left ear lobe had my name on it -- it was just begging for nibble. Hummm...he tasted good. I'm not entirely certain, but it appeared that he had to "fix" himself during my appetizer. He did throw down his pencil and take a deep breath -- placed his right hand on his thigh and just breathed.

I knew that I should stop soon - or this foreplay would take a giant leap to sex. This was effecting me as it was him - and frankly, I'm not that strong when it deals with Will and sexual tension. I always want to rip off his clothes. What can I say? With him I'm easy.

But before I stopped - I wanted to see how turned on I was making him. My hand traveled down to his groin and sure enough. he was in between a rock and a hard place. This only spurred me to lightly rub him - very slowly - with only my index and middle finger. Back and forth I rubbed for about 30 sec. He kept trying to work, kept throwing down his pencil - shifting in his seat -- saying damn you Allie (grin). I pressed my lips firmly against his hard cock that was just begging to be set free - kissed him - and broke the connection.

I am evil:) But that's one of the reasons why he likes me.

So if you're ever sitting there working, eating dinner or maybe driving - someone pops into your head and you find yourself getting really horny. Best bet is that the person on your mind is performing telepathic foreplay. Don't forget to return the favor and/or sexual tension.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

OBE Sex I And OBE Sex II

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Syllabus (subject to be altered without notice):
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Lesson 2: Telepathic Connection
Lesson 3: Telepathic Sex
Lesson 4: Creating Your Dream Portal
Lesson 5: Lucid Dreaming
Lesson 6: Dream Sex
Lesson 7: Basics of Astral Travel One
Lesson 8: Basics of Astral Travel Two
Lesson 9: Astral Sex
Lesson 10: Protection From Unwanted Energies
Lesson 11: OBE Sex Magic

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An advanced class to build upon OBE skills to achieve orgasmic explosions during OBE sex and during physical sex and OBE sex combined.

Start: April 16

Cost: $60.00

Prerequisites: OBE I or OBE experience

Syllabus (subject to be altered without notice):
Lesson 1: Advanced Telepathic Sex I
Lesson 2: Advanced Telepathic Sex II
Lesson 3: Advanced Dream Sex I
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Lesson 5: Advanced Astral Sex I
Lesson 6: Advanced Astral Sex II
Lesson 7: Advanced Protection From Unwanted Energies
Lesson 8: Advanced OBE Sex Magic

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Telepathic Sex, Confined Spaces And Will!

The last two days Will has really been in my energy space. I'm not one to complain - I of course can think of other areas of my personal space I wish he was in! But anyways - two days in a row - from about 11:30 am to 4:00 pm, he has been all over me energy wise. I could feel hands on my back, on my shoulders - lightly touching. My neck being showered by dozens of small kisses. But mostly it has been kissing on my mouth. I lost count on how many times I felt him kiss my lips. As soon as he would kiss me, the telepathic connection would start and each time there we were standing up, my back pressed against the wall, tongue deep in a flurry of French kisses. Each kiss felt more passionate than the last. The connection would break and I'd be back here again - at my computer - silently cussing to myself. Then before I know it -- it would start again. I wonder if Will read my blog entry about telepathic foreplay? Drat that man. Getting me all hot and bothered with no one to relieve the sexual tension but me.

The last time today before he chilled out on the connection (same as on Thursday) he was connected wayyyyyy strong. I swear if I wouldn't of known better I would of thought he was right in front of me in the physical sense. I allowed him both days to pull me into a telepathic connection that each time was in a confined space. Yesterday it was a small bathroom and today, a hall closet. Each time the intimacy had a sense of urgency to it. No matter how much kissing and fondling went on - it never seemed to be enough for either of us. Although the passion was certainly heated, his touch was very gentle and intimate.

In each connection, I had on a button down shirt -- now I didn't have on a button down shirt either day in the physical reality. During our very passionate kissing, he would unbutton the first four buttons or so - just enough that his hand could feel the softness of my breasts. It was I each time who undid my bra -- I mean, why have it on - right? Stupid contraption. Next thing I would know is his hand would be in my panties, using his expert fingers to drive me crazy. Each time he would say - you're so wet. I would reply - I was wet as soon as I saw you. That - as one would assume - drove him crazy. But I didn't make it up - no way. I'm easy - all the man has to do is show up.

His thrusts had just the right amount of rhythm to drive me over the edge. In the connection we were reaching a climax - in the mean time my physical body was starting to feel very light, and the buzzing noise started as if I had reach the vibrational stage of astral projection. I wasn't sure if I wanted to slip into an astral connection or not. It was wild. In the end I kept my astral body at home. Orgasms in the telepathic connection and I can say at least for myself - orgasm in the physical reality. My heart was pounding something fierce as my energy body & physical body were jazzed up to the max.

Wow - wow - wow.

I wonder if he'll connect this strong tomorrow at 11:30 am? Looking forward to finding out!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie :)

Maria Shaw, And OBE Sex!

Sharing the love for the show that lets me talk about OBE Sex:)


Celebrity Astrologer Maria Shaw Headlines CBS’s New Psychic Radio Network

Los Angeles, CA – April 8, 2008 - Celebrity Astrologer Maria Shaw is headlining CBS radio’s new Psychic Radio Network (, a 24-hour online radio network with her live call-in show, The Maria Shaw Show.

This new worldwide CBS Radio-owned network will stream programming devoted to the burgeoning metaphysical and new age markets. The CBS-owned radio station WYCD out of Detroit, MI, is the home of the Psychic Radio Network. The network will be heard in all of CBS's 120 markets around the country, as well as being streamed worldwide through and through all CBS Radio Streaming players including WYCD and

The Maria Shaw Show airs daily from 9 am to noon and again from 9 pm to midnight EST. As the star of the Psychic Radio Network, Maria Shaw will allow listeners and fans to call-in and share their personal experiences with ghosts, intuition, karma and spirituality.

Maria Shaw is America’s top celebrity astrologer. Whether you’re a faithful reader of her popular horoscope column in the National Enquirer, tune into her radio talk show on CBS Radio in Detroit or catch her guest appearances on national television; she’s a voice in the metaphysical world that millions have come to know and trust. She has nine books to her credit, published in six languages including Soul Mates and Cell Mates and The Enchanted Soul. Maria has appeared on VH1, MTV, Fox News, The Tony Danza Show, SoapNet, The Anna Nicole Show, The Oxygen Channel, Life and Style and many other programs. She is a regular contributor to more than sixty radio stations across the country and also writes columns for Soap Opera Digest and Complete Woman. Maria has been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles and her weekly forecasts reached 69 million homes as the TV Guide Channel astrologer. Currently, Maria is touring across the county, promoting her latest book Maria Shaw’s Sun Signs.


Steve Allen –
Direct Number: 661-255-8283
East Coast Office: 914-909-0764

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Astral Sex, Bill And The Moon!

After being on this morning as Maria Shaw's guest, and talking about astral sex, I knew that I had to go do some traveling. I rearranged a few things on my schedule and off I went. When I separated my body, it was very bright around me - almost as if I had a spotlight shining right in my eyes and I couldn't see. I knew better than to turn around and look at my physical body - so I thought about the ocean -- and there I was.

However, I wasn't alone. I looked over and there was Bill. I was surprised to say the least. He said - I figured this is where you would go. I didn't bother even asking how he knew I was even going to astral travel. He held out his hand and I took it. We immediately went to the moon. I found this to be very odd since I can't even remember going to the moon before. So here we are, two energy masses floating on the moon. Bill's right hand turned into what I would describe as a clit licking sex toy. But instead of placing it where one would think to - on my clit, he slid it inside my energy body. It was such an odd, yet exciting feeling. It felt like someone was stroking my energy body from the inside out. It was highly erotic and tantalizing. I could feel myself getting lighter - I thought that I couldn't take it any more. That's all I had to do was think about it, that the excitement was getting to me - because Bill stepped into me. At that time it felt like I was going down the largest roller coaster in the world, in the front seat with no seat belt on and at the same time someone shoving a coffee IV into my arm. It was almost too much -- almost.

Right when it felt like I was bursting free - otherwise known as an astral orgasm - I shot back to my body. I found myself not quite finished -- I was very thankful for my previous job as a sex toy tester - as I had plenty of items to choose from!

It's been a good day:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Allie, And Astral Sex!

Hey Guys -- just got asked to be back on the Maria Shaw Show on for tomorrow, Wednesday April 9th! Yay!

I'm not exactly what time I will be on - but I do believe it will be after the 9 o'clock hour. That would be in AM in EST:)

We're going to continue our talk about OBE sex - moving into Astral Sex I do believe.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dream Sex, Telepathic Sex And

Boy - let me tell you -- I never knew it was so difficult to have OBE sex when you're writing about it. I figure - if I'm writing about a subject I love to indulge in - I should get a hankering to have some. Heck no. The opposite happened last week - and most of the weekend. The more I worked on the OBE sex book - the less I wanted to engage in OBE sex. Simply not fair. Grrr...Arggg..

Anyway -- wouldn't you know it - Ted came to my rescue last night during a dream. Ted of all people. I asked - so how's married life (I know it dang well sucks -- but I had to ask)? He grumbled something that included a bunch of British cuss slang that I just didn't understand. But by the tone -- it wasn't good. I asked him if he had asked his wife to try telepathic or dream sex? He said she didn't believe in all of this mumbo jumbo (her words) and it was difficult to have sex with a person you really didn't like.

Well Ted - what do you want from me? He smiles that devilish smile (damn that man) , grabs me and kisses me -- and let me tell you -- that was a hell of a kiss. What he can do with a tongue in French kissing should be considered illegal. Either that or he should bottle it and sell it to people who's tongues sit there like a dead fish during kissing (don't you just hate that - yuck). He pulled back and I stood there dazed. Ted moved around to my back and kissed the left side of my neck, right where it hits the shoulder (this would be my Achilles heel) and my knees went weak. With his right hand around my throat, he whispers into my left ear - want you to remember what you're missing.

And with that -- he was gone. And I woke up coughing. Why or why must he do stuff like that?


I was on the Maria Shaw Show this morning ( chatting about OBE sex -- my favorite topic. One thing I was trying to make clear is that during telepathic sex, if a person does not want you in their energy - you're not going to get there - period. We all have a natural shield that keeps unwanted energies out. So if you're thinking about having your way with your favorite celebrity - forget about it! It won't work. Besides - it's just plain rude to try - never forget that karma is a bitch!

Because of what I do for a living - I come in contact with many people that I know -- and of course - don't know. I can't tell you of the countless people who have tried to engage in OBE sex with me just to see if I'll write about it -- or maybe be so thrilled that they become my OBE sex partner. Because of my natural energy shield, they don't get in. But of course I have fortified that energy field - just to make me feel safer.
On the other hand - if a person wants you there - then you'll get in on either a subconscious or conscious level. You always know if you made it through to the connection if you get a warm fuzzy feeling from your solar plexus that fans out to the rest of your body. No warm feeling - no connection. And you can't force a connection either. Telepathic sex or even a connection only works if both parties are into it.

Off to do the podcast!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie ;)